It is an exciting time for Atlanta because we are growing. Yet, as we grow, some people feel like the city is not working for them. As your city council representative, I will continue to advance Dr. King’s vision of the Beloved Community. I want our seniors, veterans, young people, low-income people and everyone else to be taken care of. Everyone deserves a quality home and jobs with higher wages. I will work to make our community safer, and to ensure we have great schools and childcare so our kids can learn and grow. Making this happen means:

    • Fighting crime through prevention. I will make it a priority to invest in building top quality fire and police forces, increase neighborhood patrols, and embrace programs that give offenders opportunities to choose a different path. We should change the way we police around marijuana. Read more about my ideas to reduce Crime and improve Public Safety >>
    • Expanding our affordable housing policies to make sure our seniors, veterans, and low-income people can stay in their homes. The city has taken steps to prevent displacement, and I want to take them further. Check out my ideas for expanding access to Affordable Housing >>
    • Strengthening the city’s relationship with Atlanta Public Schools by investing in early childhood education, and building partnerships to increase learning outside of the classroom. Read my plan to improve Education and Childcare in our city >>
    • Providing job training through partnerships with schools and labor unions–especially for young people–in Atlanta’s existing and emerging industries like film and music, technology, green jobs, and healthcare.
    • Improving access to healthcare by attracting and building a community health center similar to Grady’s Neighborhood Health Centers in Kirkwood and East Point.


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